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our work

Quality and service all along the process

Our quality process is continuous.

It is a priority within the company and is under close inspection from an independent body. Both the management team and the personnel have been trained to this concept and the methods necessary to apply it and are committed to "Total quality".


Availability and a quick reaction time reinforce our ongoing pursuit of providing the very best service.
Request, solution research, answer to a specific request…
"Our combined teams, from our ERP to our ""rapid"" workshop allow rapid response to your orders and to your specific needs. We are also able to stock finished goods for you, guaranteeing very short delivery as well as setting out a security plan in order to avoid any production problems."



whatever material, treatment plating or dimensions you are looking for, we are here to meet your requirements.

60 machines, 1 000 orders managed simultaneously and 18 000 ranges stocked in our ERP are the consequence of our dynamic policy that makes the production of 5 million parts per month, while maintaining our “Total Quality” objective, possible.

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